Issue 35

January 2021

Welcome to issue #35 of Accelerating News, and happy New Year!

The first issue of the year kicks-off with an update of the activities taking place for Run 3 of the LHC and the upgrades for its operation at high-luminosity; reports on the events of the last quarter of 2020; highlights two Horizon 2020 projects; and signs-off with a review of a material characterisation study of superconducting wires.

On the LHC activities, this issue brings an updated schedule of the Long-Shutdown 2, preceding Run 3; and, with the accelerators starting up again, an overview of impact of past year in the foreseen activities. It also highlights upgrades and repairs of the HIE-ISOLDE linear accelerator and the cool upgrades at LHC Point 4, the ALICE experiment. An outlook into the future machines is brought by the announcements of the EC-funded Horizon 2020 projects FCC Innovation Study (FCCIS) and I.FAST for Innovation Fostering in Accelerator Science and Technology.

A report from the online masterclass facilitated by the MSC group at CERN for most of 2020; an overview of VHEE2020, an international workshop focused on the production of very-high energy electron beams for radiotherapy; and of the first-ever HSE-KT Innovation Day bring this issue to a close.

The editors invite to browse the new issue and learn more about all the amazing developments in the particle accelerator community. Happy reading!

Daniela Antonio, Editor-in-Chief

A report on the first HSE-KT Innovation Day

On 16 December 2020, the Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection (HSE) Unit, in collaboration with the CERN Knowledge Transfer group, held the first HSE-KT Innovation Day.

Issue 35
26 January, 2021

Superconducting magnets masterclass: an opportunity born from adverse times

Against the challenges of the first wave of the pandemic, from May to October 2020, CERN's MSC group organised a masterclass on the design of superconducting magnets for particle colliders.

Issue 35
26 January, 2021

VHEE2020 workshop attracts over 400 researchers

The production of very-high energy electron beams for radiotherapy was the subject of the VHEE2020, an international workshop that took place 5-7 October 2020, organised by CERN.

Issue 35
25 January, 2021

Measuring performance indicators for superconducting wires

An overview of the results from a recent study of two different types of Nb3Sn wires by HyperTech Inc. (US) and Bochvar Institute (RU) at the University of Technology and Atominstitut in Vienna.

Issue 35
19 January, 2021

LS2 Report: Review of a rather unusual year

COVID-19 has undoubtedly had an impact on the activities and schedule of LS2. Nevertheless, the accelerators are now starting up again

Issue 35
14 December, 2020

New schedule for CERN’s accelerators and experiments

The schedule for the current long shutdown (LS2) has had to be modified due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Issue 35
27 November, 2020

First beam inside the upgraded HIE-ISOLDE facility

Upgrades and repairs of the HIE-ISOLDE linear accelerator will enable experiments to delve deeper than ever into the physics of radioactive isotopes

Issue 35
10 November, 2020

Increased cryogenic power at LHC Point 4

At LHC Point 4, a refrigerator that cools helium from room temperature to 4.5 K (-268.65 °C) has undergone major improvements in preparation for the HL-LHC

Issue 35
14 October, 2020

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