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Panagiotis Charitos

Panagiotis Charitos Editor-in-chief

Panos holds a bachelor and a master degree in astrophysics from Imperial College London and a MSc in Media and Communications at the London School of Economics. His studies in media and sociology led him to study for a MA and a PhD in Theology/Philosophy of Religion. He joined CERN in 2011 as member of the ALICE Outreach Group and since 2013 he also serves as co-editor of the PH newsletter. Before that, Panos had worked for major daily newspapers and he was editor-in-chief of Eurasia Publications. He also served as scientific editor at Travlos Publications and Crete University Press. He joined Accelerating News in November 2015 reporting on FCC and EuroCirCol.

Livia Lapadatescu

Livia Lapadatescu Co-editor

Livia holds a Master of International and European Law from the University of Geneva. After her studies, she worked at UNHCR and WHO on project management and external relations as well as at a PR agency where she gained experience in corporate communication and media monitoring. She is currently working in the European Projects Office at CERN, Geneva. She joined Accelerating News in December 2013 reporting on key conference outcomes. Her main focus is on knowledge and technology transfer stories. She is also one of our website gurus.  She also enjoys photography, sky watching and is interested in astrophotography.  


Alexandra Welsch

Alexandra Welsch UK Editor

Alexandra has been working as part of the EU Project TEAM based at the Cockcroft Institute / University of Liverpool, UK since 2011. Her work includes the development and administration of the websites of the Marie Curie networks oPAC and LA³NET. These are two of the largest EU-funded training initiatives in accelerator R&D, linking around 70 institutions around the world. She is also in charge of the actualisation of the social media presence of these projects, as well as the creation and distribution of different newsletters. Alexandra joined the accelerating news editorial board in June 2015. In her spare time she enjoys sports, travelling and spending time with her family.

Romain Muller

Romain Muller Co-editor

Romain holds a MSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London. Having started his career as researcher on speech recognition algorithm, he then moved into managing high technology projects in a variety of sectors (consumer goods, banking, ICT). In an unexpected manner (ask him, he will tell you ;-) he came across European Affairs and he loved it instantly.  

Having worked as Research Manager for the European Aircraft Manufacturers Association (ASD), he went on managing European projects addressing innovation in Air Transport. With this experience he joined the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) as Project Officer to look after the Knowledge and Innovation Community EIT Digital. Directly prior to joining CERN, Romain was the Chief Project Officer of the European Business Aviation Association, programme managing a portfolio of projects in this very innovative transport sector. Romain joined Accelerating News in February 2018 and is working at the EU Support Office at CERN to identify new EU project opportunities. Romain enjoys dancing and discovering cultures throughout the world.

Sabrina El Yacoubi

Sabrina El Yacoubi Co-editor

Sabrina works in the European Union Support office at CERN, providing administrative and event support to international projects. After completing her studies in languages and sociolinguistics, she worked for several years in the administration and education sectors in both France and Switzerland. In 2015, Sabrina joined Accelerating News as a webmaster, going on to contribute as a co-editor with a focus on education and outreach in accelerator science in 2017. Sabrina is passionate about learning new languages, arts and playing rugby in her spare time.  

Advisory Board:

  • Roy Aleksan, CEA - TIARA Coordinator
  • Ralph Assmann, DESY - EuPRAXIA Coordinator
  • Michael Benedikt, CERN - FCC Coordinator
  • Kate Kahle, CERN - former Editor-in-chief
  • Jean-Pierre Koutchouk, CERN- EuCARD and CESSAMag Coordinator
  • Lucio Rossi, CERN - High Luminosity LHC Project Leader
  • Agnes Szeberenyi, CERN- former Editor-in-chief
  • Maurizio Vretenar, CERN - EuCARD-2 and ARIES Coordinator


Former Editors-in-chief:

  • Agnes Szeberenyi, Editor-in-chief (September 2012-April 2016)
  • Kate Kahle, Editor-in-chief (April 2009- August 2012)


​Former Co-editors:

  • Jennifer Toes, Co-Editor 
  • Alessia Barachetti, Communication Intern (Sept-Dec 2015)
  • Emma Cooper, UK Editor (April-Oct 2015)
  • Margarita Synanidi, Communication Intern (Sept 2014 - April 2015)
  • Charlotte Houghton, UK Editor (Sept 2014 - April 2015)
  • Thomas Hind, Communication Intern (June-Aug 2014)
  • Mathilde Chaudron, Communication Intern (June-Dec 2013)
  • Celine Tanguy, Co-Editor (March 2012 - June 2014)
  • Elena Wildner, Co-Editor (March-Dec 2012)