Knowledge Transfer (KTT)

Particle accelerators and detectors are used in physics research to explore big existential questions. What are we made of? What forces govern the Universe? What is its origin story? Why do particles have mass? Scientists at CERN, home of the largest particle collider accelerator, use some of the most complex instruments and technologies to answer these questions. Often the scientific and technological advancements originated at CERN can have applications in areas with a more direct impact in our lives.

CLEAR study paves the way for novel electron-based cancer therapy

The study, conducted at CERN’s CLEAR test facility, demonstrates how very high-energy electron beams can be focused onto deep-seated cancerous tumours

Issue 37
24 June, 2021

European projects boost CERN’s medical applications

CERN's Next Ion Medical Machine Study (NIMMS) and MEDICIS facility work towards next- generation medical treatments.

Issue 36
26 January, 2021

A report on the first HSE-KT Innovation Day

On 16 December 2020, the Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection (HSE) Unit, in collaboration with the CERN Knowledge Transfer group, held the first HSE-KT Innovation Day.

Issue 35
26 January, 2021

VHEE2020 workshop attracts over 400 researchers

The production of very-high energy electron beams for radiotherapy was the subject of the VHEE2020, an international workshop that took place 5-7 October 2020, organised by CERN.

Issue 35
25 January, 2021

A reverse hackathon with CERN

What if we selected a few CERN Technologies and put them in the hands of professionals that help create highly successful start-ups?

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