Beam Gas Curtain installed in the Large Hadron Collider

Non-invasive beam profile monitor using supersonic gas jet furthers our understanding of the beam dynamics and supports new discoveries.

Issue 43
14 March, 2023

CERN’s transfer lines are undergoing significant renovations to make them more energy efficient while delivering high-quality beams reliably to experiments, write Konstantinos Papastergiou and Gilles Le Godec.

New prototype electron gun to compensate space charge

The ARIES project has developed a prototype electron gun to compensate the effect of space charge with electron lenses in hadron synchrotrons

Issue 39
03 March, 2022

From targets to absorbers, beam-intercepting devices are vital to CERN’s accelerator complex. Marco Calviani describes the major upgrades taking place to prepare for the high-luminosity LHC, and the challenges posed by future projects.

Report on the Nanobeam Technologies workshop

Last February, the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) team working on technical developments organised a workshop on all the different technologies developed for producing, handling, and preserving nanobeams and ultra-short bunches.

Issue 36
08 April, 2021

Acceleration of relativistic beams using laser-generated terahertz pulses

Laser-driven electron accelerator operating at terahertz frequencies.

Issue 34
21 October, 2020