Alexandra Welsch (U. Liverpool)

Beam Gas Curtain installed in the Large Hadron Collider

Non-invasive beam profile monitor using supersonic gas jet furthers our understanding of the beam dynamics and supports new discoveries.

Issue 43
14 March, 2023

Plasma accelerator research and training boosted by EU funding

High level fellowships will carry out an interdisciplinary and cross-sector plasma accelerator research and training programme for the new EuPRAXIA research infrastructure.

Issue 41
09 September, 2022

31st International Linear Accelerator Conference LINAC2022 delivered in Liverpool

The conference provided a unique opportunity to hear about the latest advances in research and developments on linear accelerators and their applications.

Issue 41
09 September, 2022

Record (online) crowds gather for the fifth FCC Physics Workshop

This February, a week-long event discussed physics programme and explored where faith meets science

Issue 39
07 March, 2022