Communication, Outreach (ACO)

From November 2018, Accelerating News has been offering a platform to share best practices in communication and outreach for particle accelerators. Originally an action point from the first ARIES Accelerator Communication and Outreach Workshop (5-6 November 2018), this category aims to bring together news and reports of communication activities from labs all over Europe.

Unleashing the Power of CAS Courses

Over the last decades, the learning path of an accelerator scientist has evolved. Two CERN group leaders tell us how CAS Courses are proving invaluable.

Issue 47
07 May, 2024

Bridging Science, Philosophy, and Faith at Liverpool Cathedral

A panel discussion explored how various cultures and societies perceive the relationship between science and religion, and the responsibilities of scientists and religious leaders in building trust in science among their respective communities.

Issue 47
23 April, 2024

Ramping up the CERN Accelerator School

The CAS team concludes a year of courses and celebrations while looking at its future in 2024.

Issue 46
30 January, 2024

CERN Accelerator School turns 40: A fusion of education, innovation, and community

The CAS organised a grand event at CERN to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of this previous educational community.

Issue 45
21 September, 2023

Apply to the Joint Universities Accelerator School 2024

During 10 weeks for JUAS, students will benefit from high-level tutorials, practical sessions, visits at CERN, etc. given by experts in particle accelerators.

Issue 45
25 September, 2023

Building a legacy for the CERN Accelerator School

As the CERN Accelerator School turns 40, its former director, Hermann Schmickler, tells us how the school evolved into a modern institution.

Issue 44
05 July, 2023

Collaboration and knowledge sharing: CERN Accelerator School turns 40!

Over the past 40 years, CAS has played a significant role in the advancement of accelerator science and technology and continues to be an important resource.

Issue 43
13 March, 2023

With three schools in 2022, the CERN Accelerator School is back!

Held in November, the 2022 Advanced Course on Accelerator Physics brought a challenging year for the CERN Accelerator School to a close.

Issue 42
07 December, 2022

31st International Linear Accelerator Conference LINAC2022 delivered in Liverpool

The conference provided a unique opportunity to hear about the latest advances in research and developments on linear accelerators and their applications.

Issue 41
09 September, 2022

The CERN Accelerator School goes to Lithuania for the Introductory course

In September, 70 physicists, engineers and technicians gathered in Kaunas, Lithuania, to learn the basics of accelerators physics and technology.

Issue 41
05 September, 2022