CERN Accelerating science

CESSAMag delivering impact

Completed at the end of 2016, CESSAMag fulfilled all its objectives.

QUACO companies ready for announcement

Researchers and industry to join for HL-LHC magnet production

Successful completion of the HQ program           

Successful completion of LARP's HQ program, a testbed for the LHC IR quadrupoles                   

First hardware for HL-LHC  interaction region  magnets                    

Testing the first coils of the triplet and of the sextupole corrector.                                               

        Bending magnet for            SESAME storage ring      

Successful tests of the first SESAME bending magnet.

A first layout for the High Luminosity Upgrade

First baseline for the layout of the HL-LHC inner triplet and associated magnets recently defined.



Mechanical stabilisation of CLIC quadrupoles to the sub nanometre

To reach the desired luminosity in CLIC, the cross section of the colliding particle beams at the interaction point will be in the order of the nanometre..