CERN Accelerating science


In 2016, the LHC opened the doors to a completely new landscape with unprecedented energy. Future results may question our present understanding of our Universe and call for new accelerators. In this issue we present the latest news from a number of different R&D activities that are ongoing worlwide. I would like to thank the authors for their contributions and share my warmest wishes for an exciting 2017 that may further expand our horizons.

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A year of successes
for HL-LHC

The HL-LHC project achieved several important milestones in 2016

A revolutionary mini-accelerator

The world’s smallest RFQ for proton acceleration completed at CERN

Moedas on SESAME and science diplomacy

EU Commissioner on SESAME and its model for science diplomacy in the EU

Linac4 reaches target energy of 160 MeV

CERN’s new linear accelerator achieved final design energy in October

eeFACT2016 held in Daresbury UK

Discussing future directions for circular ep colliders

Cryogenic safety tool developed at CERN

CERN hosted a cryogenic safety seminar based on new R&D projects

Designing an elevator system for FCC

Design challenges for future accelerator efficient elevator systems

Interview with Jon Butterworth

A sit down with Head of UCL Physics and author of “Smashing Physics"

New collaboration board for HL-LHC

Meeting of the new HL-LHC Collaboration Board in Nov 2016

EuPRAXIA baseline parameters established

Preliminary concept report presented at First Yearly Meeting in Paris