On 26th October 2018, the Accelerator and Technology sector (ATS) and the Knowledge Transfer (KT) group jointly hosted the first ATS-KT Innovation Day, in which members of ATS personnel presented their ideas for new technologies and services that have potential application outside of high-energy physics. The day provided the participants with the opportunity to raise awareness of their ideas and to receive feedback.

Several of the participants have subsequently made applications to the Knowledge Transfer Fund – a tool to help bridge the gap between research and industry. In December, they will pitch their ideas to a selection committee composed of CERN’s department heads and members of the CERN KT group.

From the Beams (BE) department the presentations included new hardware and software for monitoring and maintaining safety, beam monitors and related electronics for use in research and medical accelerators, a high reliability DC/DC converter, and a monitoring solution for Parkinson’s disease.

From Engineering (EN), a radiation tolerant wireless Internet of Things platform for on-field sensor data acquisition was presented, with potential applications in nuclear power plants and aerospace.

Personnel from the Technology (TE) department presented ideas across a broad spectrum of technical domains, including sensors and diagnostics for magnet systems, a novel process for manufacturing Non-Evaporable Getter coated beam pipes, a movable cylindrical magnetron sputtering source, techniques for using Shape Memory Alloy connectors for Ultra High Vacuum and High Pressure systems, and a residual gas analysing tool using machine-learning.

Finally, from the AT Directorate Office, a low noise and high sensitivity device for monitoring seismic activity was presented, with potential use as an alerting system for earthquakes.

All presentations from the ATS-KT Innovation Day are available on Indico:


FCC Innovation Day

The international symposium on Particle Colliders: Accelerators of Innovation will take place in Liverpool, on Friday, 22 March 2019. The University of Liverpool and CERN, together with partners from the FCC/EuroCirCol projects and the EASITrain MSCA network, are delighted to host a symposium to showcase the science and technology challenges related to such a global project. The aim of this special event is to explore the opportunities for co-innovation between a variety of industries including energy, health, security, transport, IT, communications, and civil engineering, as well as cryogenics, detectors and accelerator technology.

The symposium will take place at the prestigious Liverpool Arena and Convention Centre near the famous Albert Dock. The event will feature talks by keynote speakers, an industry exhibition, as well as hands-on activities for the general public.

This is an ideal opportunity to get involved in one of the largest scientific and technological endeavours of the 21st century. You can register now and secure a place via the following website: