CERN Accelerating science

Accelerator education
goes further

CERN and the Cockcroft Institute introduce new lectures and courses.

A growing market for accelerator personnel in Europe

The findings are revealing: an overall growth of 18% in personnel is projected over the next 5 years, driven largely by the construction of new facilities on this timescale.

Universities and Laboratories for a common goal

An EuCARD-2 workshop brought together universities and laboratories to resolve differences and join forces for a common goal

E-learning: a new training opportunity for European accelerator science

Currently around 500 students each year commence master’s and PhD courses related to accelerator science and technology.

How many accelerator scientists are we training in Europe?

It sounds like a simple question, but no one knew the answer until the recent TIARA survey revealed, perhaps surprisingly, that in recent years more than 1300 people are being trained annually in some aspect of accelerator science.