CERN Accelerating science

A growing market for accelerator personnel in Europe

The findings are revealing: an overall growth of 18% in personnel is projected over the next 5 years, driven largely by the construction of new facilities on this timescale.

Uppsala University and TIARA highlighting RF power generation for accelerators


The 2nd industry workshop sponsored by TIARA took place on 17-19 June at the Angstrom laboratory in Uppsala University.

Mid-point of the TIARA Preparatory Phase

Held at CIEMAT in Madrid on June 12-14, the TIARA general mid-term meeting marked the end of the first half of the three-year TIARA-PP project.



Accelerators in the European Strategy for Particle Physics meeting in Cracow

About 500 particle physicists and accelerator experts came together to discuss the future European strategy.

Accelerators for Society

Did you know that among the more than 26,000 particle accelerators currently in use worldwide, only 1% is used for research?

R&D on C-band accelerators

The use of Radio-Frequency C-Band accelerating structures for electron acceleration and production of high quality beams has been recently proposed and adopted in several linac projects all over the world.                                    

Irradiation facility for target testing

In TIARA Work Package 9, the team led by scientists and engineers from CERN are developing a compact irradiation device.

Demonstration of Rf drive system MICE achieved

Ionisation cooling is required to reduce the emittance of a muon beam rapidly for application in future accelerators for neutrino factories and muon colliders.

Accelerators for Society is live now

Visit the recently launched website to learn more on applications of particle accelerators.