CERN Accelerating science

Editorial - Issue 17

Dear readers,

I would like to introduce the new issue of Accelerating News, a newsletter that in the last four years has highlighted stories from major accelerator research and development projects in our community. Over this period, all the latest results from R&D efforts of laboratories all over the world and the applications that stem from accelerator research have been presented in the pages of this publication.

An interview with Tommaso Valletti

Professor Tommaso Valletti is the new Chief Economist of the European Commission for Competition

New superconducting coil furnace

New furnace for heat treatment of superconducting coils is commissioned at CERN’s Large Magnet Facility


Successful tests of crab cavities for HL-LHC 

The crab cavities for HL-LHC and their validation tests in the SPS are well into the fabrication phase