CERN Accelerating science

Latest developments in medical physics research

ICTR-PHE 2014 hosted researchers to discuss the latest developments in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

A step towards Next Generation Magnets

The Future Magnets, Work Package 10 of EuCARD-2 is exploring the use of High Temperature Superconductors (HTS) materials in future accelerator magnets.

CERN prepares for Future Circular Collider Study

World experts came together to launch a future circular collider (FCC) study, based on a new 80 to 100-km circular tunnel.

First pre-series sextupole for the SESAME storage ring

The ISIS facility celebrates the 10th anniversary of its radio frequency quadrupole accelerator.

Explore accelerator applications with EuCARD-2

EuCARD2 WP 4 (AccApplic) investigating existing and possible new applications of particle accelerators

RF drive system for MICE installed at the ICTF

Ionisation cooling is required to reduce the emittance of a muon beam rapidly for application in future accelerators for neutrino factories and muon colliders.

Pile-up management at HL-LHC and Crab-Kissing

The HiLumi LHC Design Study investigates novel technologies and concepts to extend the discovery potential of the LHC.

New video introducing EuCARD-2

Watch the recently launched video that gives a short introduction to the EuCARD-2 project and its mission to develop particle accelerators of the 21st century.