CERN Accelerating science

"Green Magnets" to save energy in accelerators

“Green Magnets” developed in collaboration with industry can improve energy use in the magnets up to 95% with a potential to replace permanent accelerator magnets.

First industry magnet for SESAME storage ring

In July 2014, the first industry assembled sextupole magnet for SESAME was arrived and passed successful tests at CERN.

  10 years of success for ISIS RFQ

The ISIS facility celebrates the 10th anniversary of its radio frequency quadrupole accelerator. 

Accelerators: Powering Cutting Edge Research

What are the practical benefits of particle accelerators? Look out for a brand new brochure, to help explain the impact of your work.

Second test of HQ02: even better

Latest news about the 120 mm aperture Nb3Sn quadrupole (HQ) developed by the US LHC Accelerator Research Program for the QFX of the HL-LHC era.

One step closer to the 11 Tesla dipole magnet

Recent news on the 11 T dipole project from CERN and Fermilab with tests results on the 2-metre-long model.

Beam Dynamics meets Magnets

An unlikely collaboration brought together 2 independent working groups, beam dynamics and magnets experts.