CERN Accelerating science

Third HiLumi Industry
Day in the UK

High Luminosity upgrade of LHC attracts many different industries.

 ARIES and Industry 


Fostering the collaboration with industry in ARIES.

QUACO companies ready for announcement

Researchers and industry to join for HL-LHC magnet production

New industrial relations with SESAME members

FP7 CESSAMag engineers procure components from companies based in SESAME Members 

Forging links between industry and fundamental science

Collaboration between academia and industry will be key to development of novel technologies within FCC. 

Uppsala University and TIARA highlighting RF power generation for accelerators


The 2nd industry workshop sponsored by TIARA took place on 17-19 June at the Angstrom laboratory in Uppsala University.

"Green Magnets" to save energy in accelerators

“Green Magnets” developed in collaboration with industry can improve energy use in the magnets up to 95% with a potential to replace permanent accelerator magnets.

Illuminating the way from Research to Industry

Euspen’s event in May brought together researchers and industry from around the world, helping to push boundaries in precision engineering.