CERN Accelerating science

First test of HL LHC separation dipole in KEK

A key element of the High Luminosity LHC interaction region is the superconducting separation dipole D1

European Cryogenics Days at CERN

The third European Cryogenics day was hosted by CERN on 9-10 June 2016, attended by Academia and Industry

New superconducting coil furnace

New furnace for heat treatment of superconducting coils is commissioned at CERN’s Large Magnet Facility


Successful tests of crab cavities for HL-LHC 

The crab cavities for HL-LHC and their validation tests in the SPS are well into the fabrication phase

Successful tests of 11T dipole at CERN

A  more powerful dipole has been successfully tested at CERN reachimg magnetic fields of 11T.

Successful completion of the HQ program           

Successful completion of LARP's HQ program, a testbed for the LHC IR quadrupoles                   

HiLumi-LHC moves on to construction phase

With the end of the HiLumi LHC Design Study, the project moves on to the construction phase   

First hardware for HL-LHC  interaction region  magnets                    

Testing the first coils of the triplet and of the sextupole corrector.