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HiLumi-LHC moves on to construction phase

With the end of the HiLumi LHC Design Study, the project moves on to the construction phase   

“The Applications of Particle Accelerators in Europe” project initiated by EuCARD-2 kicked-off in mid-June.

   Laser and accelerator     communities converge in            Mallorca                            

Workshop and international conference for laser and particle accelerator scientists.

  Applications of Particle      Accelerators in Europe  

A project to demonstrate the importance and impact of particle accelerators to policy makers.

Highlights from the FCC week 

Learn about the outcomes of the 1st Annual Meeting.

  Key highlights towards the High Luminosity LHC era

Highlights from the 4th Joint HiLumi LHC/ LARP Annual Meeting held in end November in KEK

Visions for the future of particle accelerators

Accelerator physicists discussing the challenges for the next 50 years of R&D in accelerator physics.

Mid-point of the TIARA Preparatory Phase

Held at CIEMAT in Madrid on June 12-14, the TIARA general mid-term meeting marked the end of the first half of the three-year TIARA-PP project.



Accelerators in the European Strategy for Particle Physics meeting in Cracow

About 500 particle physicists and accelerator experts came together to discuss the future European strategy.

Recent progress of the HiLumi project

A year has already passed since the launch of the High Luminosity LHC Design Study, which is the first step of the larger High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) project.