CERN Accelerating science

From the editors

In this spring issue, we look at developments towards higher luminosity and higher energy colliders.



Introducing CRISP Accelerator Topic for Synergies in Physics


The EU funded CRISP project (The Cluster of Research Infrastructures for Synergies in Physics) started on 1st October 2011 and runs for 3 years.

“TLEP” - Circular Higgs Factory and a Long-Term Perspective for High Energy Physics

EuCARD workshops to discuss the key ingredients, the physics potential, experimental detector concepts, and synergies with other projects of a TLEP facility.

Development and Testing of Crab Cavities for High Intensity Colliders


The development of innovative crab cavity solutions for high intensity particle colliders is part of both the FP7 EUCARD and HiLumi framework programmes.

High Temperature Superconductors in the LHC

Superconducting links in accelerator systems enable powering of the cryo-magnets from remote power converters.  


Targeting the Energy Frontier for next Accelerators

Recently two EuCARD-AccNet events explored options for the next accelerators at the energy frontier.



Diagnostics based on Higher order mode port signals

Higher order mode (HOM) couplers are a crucial part of many superconducting cavities since unwanted modes, which are excited by the beam, need to be damped effectively.

A first layout for the High Luminosity Upgrade

First baseline for the layout of the HL-LHC inner triplet and associated magnets recently defined.



A growing market for accelerator personnel in Europe

The findings are revealing: an overall growth of 18% in personnel is projected over the next 5 years, driven largely by the construction of new facilities on this timescale.