CERN Accelerating science

EuCARD-2 approved by the EC

The EuCARD-2 Integrating Activity project has successfully completed the negotiation phase with the EU.

CLIC now entering phase two

Building on the success of their feasibility phase, the CLIC test facility, CTF3, has just launched into a five-year project development phase.

EUROnu: proposing future neutrino facilities at CERN

The EUROnu project studied three different “next generation” facilities that could be located at CERN. The final results and conclusions were delivered at the end of August 2012 after 4 years of prosperous work.

Recent progress of the HiLumi project

A year has already passed since the launch of the High Luminosity LHC Design Study, which is the first step of the larger High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) project.

R&D on C-band accelerators

The use of Radio-Frequency C-Band accelerating structures for electron acceleration and production of high quality beams has been recently proposed and adopted in several linac projects all over the world.                                    

Accelerators for Society

Did you know that among the more than 26,000 particle accelerators currently in use worldwide, only 1% is used for research?