CERN Accelerating science

 First concept design for FCC-ee magnets

CERN's Technology Department presented a first concept for the main bending magnets for FCC-ee.

Successful tests of 11T dipole at CERN

A  more powerful dipole has been successfully tested at CERN reachimg magnetic fields of 11T.

FP7 CESSAMag and science diplomacy

CESSAMag has welcomed engineers from Iran, Jordan, Pakistan and Turkey to CERN.

     Collaboration to develop HTS coatings for FCC beam screens

New collaboration to develop beam screens for the FCC to reduce beam impedance

Workshop on accelerator energy efficiency

Highlights from the EuCARD2 WP3 workshop on proton driver accelerator energy efficiency.

LINAC4 ready to go up in energy 

LINAC4 begins the next step to achieve targeted beam commissioning of 100MeV.

ICTR-PHE2016: Accelerators for health

Researchers attended the ICTR-PHE conference to share ideas on cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Accelerator Reliability and Availability Training

FCC launch of training programme on accelerator reliability and availability