CERN Accelerating science

First hardware for HL-LHC  interaction region  magnets                    

Testing the first coils of the triplet and of the sextupole corrector.                                               

 A gender balance roadmap for FCC       

FCC committed to implement Gender Equality at each stage of the research cycle.                                               

Hollow electron lenses for enhanced LHC beam collimation

Hollow electron lenses as a promising method to improve the beam collimation system at the LHC. 

Wake field monitors to offer a way to diagnose and correct beam degradation.

“The Applications of Particle Accelerators in Europe” project initiated by EuCARD-2 kicked-off in mid-June.

Forging links between industry and fundamental science

Collaboration between academia and industry will be key to development of novel technologies within FCC. 

  Celebrating the first LHC collisions  

Great success at CERN marks official start of Run 2.                                                                            

   Laser and accelerator     communities converge in            Mallorca                            

Workshop and international conference for laser and particle accelerator scientists.