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  Uppsala University and TIARA highlighting RF power generation for accelerators
  by Tord Ekelof (Uppsala University) and Celine Tanguy (CEA)

Fig 1 left: Poster of the TIARA workshop on RF power generation for accelerators. Image credit: Uppsala University.
Fig 2 right: Inauguration of the FREIA hall in Angstrom laboratory with Eva Akesson, vice chancellor of Uppsala University, Tord Ekelof, director of FREIA department, Mats Lindroos, head of the ESS Accelerator Division, and Roy Aleksan, TIARA-PP coordinator. Image credit: Uppsala University.

The 2nd industry workshop sponsored by TIARA took place on 17-19 June at the Angstrom laboratory in Uppsala University. The event, dedicated to novel concepts for RF power generation for accelerators, was also the occasion to inaugurate the hall of FREIA (Facility for Research Instrumentation and Accelerator Development) Laboratory.

For the 3-day workshop, about 90 experienced researchers and leading companies in the field of RF power generation and related technologies gathered to explore the technical challenges emerging from the design of new accelerators and to match them with state-of-the-art industrial solutions for RF power generation.

An overview of the main types of accelerator projects and their different RF power generation schemes was first presented, followed by sessions focussed on electron tube devices, solid-state amplifiers and phase-stability and timing

On 18 June the conference participants attended the inauguration of the new FREIA laboratory in Uppsala, intended for research and development of RF power generation, distribution and control for superconducting and normal conducting accelerating cavities for future accelerators. It is the key infrastructure required for developing the superconducting accelerating technology needed for future very high intensity proton accelerators, new free electron lasers and other emerging accelerator projects