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  News about Tiara
  by Céline Tanguy (CEA)

Fig 1. Initiated within TIARA-PP, the Accelerators for Society website and tri fold-brochure invite you to discover how accelerators benefit Society. Image credit: Accelerators for Society

The TIARA preparatory phase has been extended for one year, until December 31st 2014. The reason for this extension is to pursue the work toward the implementation of a cluster of accelerator R&D infrastructures and related accelerator R&D centres named “Test Infrastructure and Accelerator Research Area (TIARA)”.

The main purpose of TIARA is to play a coordinating role, to exchange expertise and information concerning the “Accelerator Research Area”, and to facilitate collaborative R&D programmes in the field of Accelerator Science and Technology in Europe. The means and structures required to bring about these objectives have been developed through the TIARA Preparatory Phase (TIARA-PP).

The TIARA-PP project has started on January 1st 2011 and includes 11 participant institutes from 8 countries. Co-funded by the European Union 7th Framework Programme, it is divided into 9 Work Packages (WPs). The first 5 WPs are dedicated to organizational issues, while the other 4 WPs deal with technical aspects. Numerous achievements (most of them already highlighted in Accelerating News), can be found via the TIARA-PP website.