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  Mid-point of the TIARA Preparatory Phase
  by Celine Tanguy (CEA)

TIARA general mid-term meeting in Madrid on June 14th (click image to enlarge) Image credit: TIARA

Held at CIEMAT in Madrid on June 12-14, the TIARA general mid-term meeting marked the end of the first half of the three-year TIARA-PP project.

Various topics were showcased from within the project. From the organisational Work Packages: the infrastructure web-based database (WP3), the identification of the Key Areas for the TIARA R&D programme (WP4) and the results of education and training survey (WP5) were highlighted. The technical Work Packages (WP6 to WP9) provided details about the new world record vertical emittance in the Swiss Light Source storage ring, progress on the MICE RF system at the ITCF, C-band acceleration achievements at the SPARC facility and design of a multi MW irradiation facility for complex target testing.

During the meeting, a status of the EuCARD and ESS projects were presented as well as an overview of R&D and accelerator infrastructures in Spain, the involvement of the Spanish industrial sector for accelerator R&D and finally the role of the Research Infrastructures in Horizon 2020.

A Governing Council meeting, including the Steering Committee members, followed the general meeting.