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  First industry magnet for SESAME storage ring
  by Attilio Milanese (CERN)

   Fig1: View of the first series SESAME sextupole from the correctors connection side.
   Image credit:
CNE Technology Center

In July 2014, a sextupole corrector magnet for the SESAME storage ring arrived at CERN for tests and magnetic measurements. It is the first unit out of 32 to be delivered by CNE Technology Center, a Cypriot based company under the EU-CERN CESSAMag project.

In November last year, a pre-series sextupole for SESAME was prepared at CERN, to check the design and to tune the manufacturing procedures before placing the order for the series production to industry. The contracts were then awarded to a Cypriot and a Pakistani company. The CERN team has been working closely with both companies to transfer the knowledge from CERN needed to build these magnets.

The first unit out of the 32 magnets from Cyprus has already arrived and was tested at CERN. Measurements carried out at CERN together with SESAME colleagues on this magnet show a very precise assembly, resulting in magnetic field homogeneity of 0.2‰ within 2/3 of the aperture. The unit is also mechanically, electrically and hydraulically sound, assuring good reliability during operation. This makes the magnet apt for the lattice of a synchrotron light source such as SESAME and it is a major step in preparing the SESAME storage ring.

The Cypriot company has in parallel also assembled more than 50% of the components needed for the rest of the contract. At this point the first magnet from Pakistan is currently being assembled.