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Accelerating News, Issue #18 - Letter from the Editor

Issue 18 of Accelerating News covers the ongoing R&D activities for the High Luminosity upgrade of the LHC and future accelerator projects.

The approval of the ARIES proposal has been a great success. ARIES will develop new key technologies for present and future accelerators, significantly improving the European accelerator infrastructure as well as broadening global collaboration in the field. Building on the success of EuCARD and EuCARD-2, ARIES aims to boost innovation and strengthen ties with the industry that will maximize the societal impact of fundamental R&D in accelerator technologies. 

Another important topic this summer was the formal approval of the High Luminosity LHC project, HL-LHC. This comes as extremely good news not only for CERN, but also for particle physics globally.

In this issue you will also read about the "Achromatic Telescopic Squeezing" scheme, a new optical scheme which will be a key solution to the various challenges of the HL-LHC upgrade, and a necessary ingredient for a possible energy upgrade to the HE-LHC, as explored by the FCC study.  

Moreover, you can find more about the milestone of 25T for high-field magnets, the first steps of the QUACO project, as well as news from the plasma accelerator consortium following their latest meeting in Pisa. This summer also saw the completion of the first stage of the HIE-ISOLDE project with the installation of the first two superconducting modules. This post-accelerator will open new physics opportunities for the ISOLDE community at CERN.  
Finally, we have a word from Carlos Moedas, the European Commissioner for Science, Research and Innovation. In his opening speech to the EuroScience OpenForum that took place in Manchester, UK in July, Moedas discussed his vision of a new republic of letters that will rise in the coming future, emphasising the relationship of trust between scientists and citizens and the use of open data.  
I wish you pleasant reading.

Panos Charitos