CERN Accelerating science

  E-learning: a new training opportunity for European accelerator science
  by Philip Burrows (JAI, University of Oxford)

An additional recommendation by TIARA WP5 is to set up a www portal for providing a comprehensive source of information on accelerator opportunities, namely job and internship vacancies, bursaries and fellowships, and research group and personnel expertise, as well as news on conferences, workshops and training schools and access to online training materials and resources. Image credit: Max Bradbury (JAI, University of Oxford).

Currently around 500 students each year commence master’s and PhD courses related to accelerator science and technology. TIARA Work Package 5 (WP5) proposes measures to improve training access. For science and engineering undergraduates, and high-school students, we recommend setting up an e-learning course: ‘Introduction to Accelerator Science and Technology’.

Based on the surveys on education and training provision, and the market needs for accelerator scientists and engineers, TIARA WP5 (“Education & Training”) has issued its final report, which includes recommendations for promoting Accelerator Science and Technologies at a European level. Among these TIARA WP5 recommends improved support for students to participate in training programmes, including accelerator schools and lab-based internships. It is believed that a prestigious European fellowship scheme for master’s and PhD students would help to improve the supply of trained personnel, as well as raise the profile of the field. It is also recommended setting up an e-learning course (‘Introduction to Accelerator Science and Technology’) to open up training opportunities to European undergraduate science students, as well as a module suitable for high-school students and teachers. See the report ’Recommendations for promoting accelerator science and technology in Europe for full details.