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EUPRAXIA: European Plasma Research Accelerator with Excellence in Applications

Eupraxia is a proposed EU Design Study on a European Plasma Research Accelerator with excellence in applications. The major objective of the Eupraxia design study is the preparation of a conceptual design report for the worldwide first plasma-based accelerator at 5 GeV with industrial beam quality and two user areas

Ricardo Torres (University of Liverpool)
5 Dec 2019

Game-changing plasma accelerator

EuPRAXIA project concludes its conceptual design for a powerful, small-footprint accelerator, showing that plasma acceleration provides a viable alternative to established accelerator technologies.

Ricardo Torres (University of Liverpool)
8 Oct 2018

EuPRAXIA Design Study comes of age

European collaboration pushes towards Conceptual Design Report, expected to be completed towards the end of next year.

Mohammed Shahzad (University of Strathclyde)
26 Jun 2018

Laser-wakefield accelerators for High-energy coherent Terahertz radiation

Paper just published in New Journal of Physics describes a promising pathway to more efficient radiation sources

Ricardo Torres (University of Liverpool)
11 Dec 2017

EuPRAXIA marks two years of research into plasma accelerators

EuPRAXIA is designing the world’s first multi-GeV user-ready plasma accelerator


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