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Latest developments in medical physics research

ICTR-PHE 2014 hosted researchers to discuss the latest developments in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Synergies for testing Superconducting RF cavities

Within the 36 month period of the CRISP project the main objective of WP4  is to upgrade and harmonize the SRF Accelerator Structures for ESS, ILC, LHC upgrade and the European XFEL.

Accelerators for Society is live now

Visit the recently launched website to learn more on applications of particle accelerators.

From the editors

In this summer issue we are approaching the end of EuCARD and have welcomed the beginning of EuCARD-2.

Improved ion sources and beam diagnostics for FAIR and SPIRAL2

Under the CRISP project framework, WP3 aims at developing improved ion sources and beam diagnostics  for SPIRAL2 atGANIL and FAIR Proton LINAC at GSI.

Visions for the future of particle accelerators

Accelerator physicists discussing the challenges for the next 50 years of R&D in accelerator physics.

The update of EU Strategy for particle physics adopted by CERN Council

Six years after its first definition in 2006, the European strategy for particle physics was updated so as to take into account the progress made so far and the evolution of theglobal particle physics landscape.

From the editors

In this spring issue, we look at developments towards higher luminosity and higher energy colliders.



Introducing CRISP Accelerator Topic for Synergies in Physics


The EU funded CRISP project (The Cluster of Research Infrastructures for Synergies in Physics) started on 1st October 2011 and runs for 3 years.