CERN Accelerating science

  Celebrating the first LHC collisions  

Great success at CERN marks official start of Run 2.                                                                            

        Bending magnet for            SESAME storage ring      

Successful tests of the first SESAME bending magnet.

The LHC is back in business

Back for the second run, the LHC is preparing for collisions at 13TeV.

Laser-driven beamlines: a novel approach towards particle acceleration

The CRISP Lasers activity studied laser induced particle sources as the next generation of particle accelerators.

Novel permanent magnet quadrupoles for LINAC4

The success of the novel Permanent Magnet Quadrupoles of LINAC4 for compactness and cost efficiency

Accelerators: Powering Cutting Edge Research

What are the practical benefits of particle accelerators? Look out for a brand new brochure, to help explain the impact of your work.

  10 years of success for ISIS RFQ

The ISIS facility celebrates the 10th anniversary of its radio frequency quadrupole accelerator. 

Call for Applications to ICTF”

Applications are now being invited for access to the Ionisation Cooling Test Facility (ICTF) based at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, including the MICE experiment.

Development of a Fast Ramped Superconducting Dipole Magnet

Fast ramped magnets are an essential component of heavy-ion synchrotrons. Future developments ask for higher rigidity of the beams leading to stronger magnetic fields of the magnets and therefore to superconductivity.