CERN Accelerating science

ICTR-PHE2016: Accelerators for health

Researchers attended the ICTR-PHE conference to share ideas on cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Large private investment to boost “Accelerator on a chip”

“Accelerator on a chip” program boosted by $13.5 million investment by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

  Compact accelerators for big science

EuPRAXIA – Paving the Way for a European Plasma Research Accelerator

  European training network to fight cancer

European Commission grants 4 Million Euros for the Optimization of Medical Accelerators

Ultra-short electron beams at ELI-ALPS

Ultra-short electron acceleration studied at the shortest-pulse laser of all the ELI pillars                                                  

   Laser and accelerator     communities converge in            Mallorca                            

Workshop and international conference for laser and particle accelerator scientists.

  Celebrating the first LHC collisions  

Great success at CERN marks official start of Run 2.                                                                            

        Bending magnet for            SESAME storage ring      

Successful tests of the first SESAME bending magnet.

The LHC is back in business

Back for the second run, the LHC is preparing for collisions at 13TeV.